President Maduro: New world order is today a reality

Today, we are convinced that this new world order is already a reality and the BRICS play a fundamental role in the geopolitical dynamics that have generated trust between the peoples and governments of Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, with their model of development and their values of mutual respect”, asserted the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, during his speech in the framework of the 15th Summit of the BRICS countries.

In his review of the benefits of the BRICS, the South American President maintained that this bloc today represents worldwide a 31.7% of the GDP, 30% of the territory, 43% of the population and 18% of the international trade:

The countries that make up this bloc control 8.7% of world oil reserves, 25.2% of gas reserves; while contributing 40% of global energy, they account for 42% of renewable energy use and 37% of energy consumption.”

On this dynamic, he said: “Union is definitely what makes the force and that unitary force promotes a new paradigm of global relations and promotes a new world geopolitics of the 21st century.”

This pronouncement was made after greeting with great enthusiasm the “celebration of this historic 15th Summit of the bloc of emerging economies made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa”, which “has been laying very solid foundations for the construction of a new world system that is truly free, inclusive, fair and supportive, where the principles of international law, threatened by the old imperial hegemonic system, are restored”.

He stressed that “Venezuela sincerely appreciates the cordial invitation that South Africa, in its capacity as BRICS Pro-Tempore President, has extended to us to participate in this historic Summit and contribute to the BRICS+ Rapprochement Dialogue”.

I am very pleased to also convey the admiration and recognition of all the people of Venezuela towards the peoples and governments of the BRICS: countries that have taken the vanguard in building a world of peace and economic prosperity, based on the support to civilizing diversity,” said the Venezuelan head of state.

In this sense, he considered it important and opportune to remember the words the great Nelson Mandela pronounced on May 24, 1994, in his inauguration speech, a few days after assuming the presidency in the new post-apartheid South Africa, when he called for the “establishment of a new world order of cooperation, justice, prosperity and peace, mutually beneficial for us and for the nations of the world”, as Nelson Mandela affirmed.

It is like this – he pointed out – when we see ourselves here, together with you, Venezuela participating in this historic Summit of the BRICS, that comes to mind Commander Hugo Chávez, who together with other world leaders for decades raised their voices for the construction of an international, political, cultural, sustainable economic new order”.

He indicated that it is also in this context that “we remember the also historic BRICS-UNASUR Summit, held on July 15, 2014, in Brazil, we were there, a country that held that year the Presidency of this powerful bloc of emerging economies, and fostered said meeting to advance in the design of a new geopolitics, in a new world map, mainly for political, financial, economic and energy cooperation”, valued President Nicolás Maduro.