Operation Venezuela Freedom-2 aims to end the Bolivarian Thought

“When we analyze the operation Venezuela Freedom 2 we find a general operational and strategic plan whose main goal is to overthrow the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela and which has two subsequent targets: Destroying Chavismo as a political force in Venezuela, and to end the influence of the Bolivarian Thought on the continent and in the world. ”
The statement was made by the international analyst Vladimir Adrianza, while participating in the “Actualidad Informativa” (Informative News) space, broadcast by the RNV Informative channel referring to the agenda of the United States Southern Command against Venezuela.
“The document was signed by Admiral Kurt Tidd and was discovered in February; it clearly shows how the Southern Command tucks its batteries against our country, indicates actions such as the stage which we are living right now called “Surrounding and Suffocation”, as explicitly says the document”, informed the interviewee.
During his speech, Adrianza stressed that the Venezuelan people should be clever on that whatever efforts they make, united today, will depend the fate not only of Venezuela but of the global Bolivarian Project. “We must not leave anything to chance, we are in the doors of an unconventional war, the people has to become aware that nobody is going to give us another Homeland such as ours, and therefore we must defend it.”