Council of Vice Presidents evaluates progress of 1×10 System of Good Governance

The Council of Vice Presidents meets this May 30 in Caracas, with the presence of high authorities of the National Executive, in order to evaluate the development of the 1×10 System of Good Governance.

The meeting is led by the vice president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, and in it are participating all the sectoral vice presidents of the country.

Among the prioritized topics that are reported through the Patria System and the VenAPP application, are: education, health, transportation, water, gas and others.

Communities can, through the Patria System, register their 1×10 (or more people), to report any issue of public services and citizens, and connect with the Bolivarian Government for its solution.

Through these platforms, the three priority areas denounced in each community of the Venezuelan territory can be addressed.

Vzla Vice Presidency


#InDevelopment || Complying with the guidelines of Pres. @NicolasMaduro, Vice president @delcyrodriguezv leads the Council of Sectoral Vice Presidents, in order to evaluate public policies and renew the Government’s priorities in this second half of the year.”