The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, presented the Order of Liberators and Liberators of Venezuela, to the culture men and women of the Homeland.

The head of state expressed to the culture people: “Blessings and congratulations. You are in this House of the People, for with a great feeling dedicating to each one of you, to the identity, to the culture, a justly deserved recognition, when the Homeland and the Republic gives you the Order of Liberator men and women of Venezuela”.

The president indicated: “With your songs, with your poetry, with your compositions, colors, you bring freedom to the passionate force that moves us Venezuelans”.

The dignitary dedicated the act with the culture people to the people of Colombia and valued the reopening of the border as an «immense step».

In his intervention, he acknowledged Chancellor Carlos Farías for exposing in the United Nations Organization the letter in which he expresses the National Government’s rejection of the imperial policy: “The world will stop being an unipolar world. We are in the center of this birth.”