Maduro: Venezuela expresses serious concern about the potential expansion of the conflict in Ukraine to other regions of the world

Expressing concern about the potential worsening of the conflict in Ukraine and its expansion to other regions of the planet, President Nicolás Maduro assured that the National Government “has taken measures to protect our economy and the right to food of our people, as well as measures in the field of diplomacy and politics to bring our voice to the different stages of the world, so that we work for true peace agreements and de-escalate the armed conflict in Ukraine”.

From Miraflores Palace, he explained that after evaluating the strategic intelligence information – together with the Council of Vice Presidents, the High Political Command and the High Military Command of the Nation – on the development of world events and in particular the situation in Ukraine, “With great sincerity and the wish for peace for the world, we have to express that we are seriously concerned about the possibility of a war in Europe and its extension to other regions of the planet.”

“We are not talking just to talk (…) we express our grave concern that this conflict could expand and become a Third World War”, said the Head of State.

In this regard, he insisted that from Venezuela, “We ring the alert bell to the leaders and peoples of the world to seek peace and conditions that allow truly solid agreements between the Russian Federation and Ukraine”.

He also denounced that “there seems to be incubating a public media campaign of hatred and to impose a set of economic measures that aim to aggravate conditions and extend the scenario of war beyond Ukraine, into Europe, and beyond Europe into other regions of the planet”.

However, he assured that “in any circumstance that humanity may have to live, we will safeguard the peace of our people”.

A timely alert:

For this reason, he affirmed that Venezuela “alerts the world, and hopefully a timely alert will allow us to control the madness that has taken over the most important leaders of the western world”.

He pointed out that the situation generated in Ukraine “already has brutal impacts on the world economy. In our country we are already taking measures to handle any situation that may arise as a result of this war, we take measures to attend to and protect the people comprehensively (…) Venezuela is at the forefront of initiatives to stabilize the oil, gas, and energy markets.”

He reiterated that in these scenarios, “Venezuela is prepared to grow (to) one, two and even three million barrels of oil if necessary, to support the stability of the world: everything for Peace, all for Peace, with the people and all for the people.”