Venezuela surpassed in 2021 national production in the fishing sector

With an overcompliance of 116 percent, Venezuela exceeded the national production in the fishing sector, which represents an economic growth of 208,486 thousand tons of fish to 241,000 on a national scale.

This was reported by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, during a working day with the fishing sector, from La Guaira state:

“Last year we had set a goal of 208,486 tons of fish and at the end of the year there was an economic, commercial and productive growth in the country, which allowed us to exceed the goal reaching 241,000 tons, which represents 116 percentage of overachievement of the goal for 2021”, he detailed.

With respect to artisanal fishing, the Venezuelan Head of State indicated that “there was an overcompliance of 118 percent of the goal of the maritime, sardine, river, moules sectors; thus covering more than 80 percent of the country’s fishing sector”.

Likewise, he highlighted that industrial fishing exceeded the goal by 122 percent, and aquaculture advanced by 91 percent of the goal: “there is still a long way to go in this sector, but we are making progress on the goals.”

He pointed out that Venezuela is advancing in the consolidation of the different fishing sectors of the country, to strengthen national production.

In this regard, he reported that eight states in the country met the goal set, including Amazonas, Trujillo, Zulia, Aragua, Nueva Esparta, Sucre, Anzoátegui and Delta Amacuro.

In context, he highlighted that the export of this protein to countries such as the Netherlands, France, the United States, Spain, among others, has led to 37 percent of the growth of international trade in the sale of fish to the world:

44,059 tons were exported, including shrimp, tajalí, crabs, algae and octopus, among other species. There is a record of production by items and that must be taken into account. If last year we overachieved the goal, this year we set ourselves a new goal of 250,000 tons of fish for the people”, reported Maduro.