Venezuelan migration is within the average of the American continent

«Venezuelan migration, although it is a new phenomenon in the country, is between 5 percent and 10 percent of the population, that is, within the average values of the American continent.»

This was stated by the lawyer and researcher on human rights, Cristóbal Cornieles, during his participation in the «Diplomacia Bolivariana» (Bolivarian Diplomacy) program, broadcast on Mondays by RNV Informative channel, in which he made an analysis on the migration situation that occurs in Venezuela.

During his participation, Cornieles stressed that a high percentage of migration to nations such as Spain or Colombia are counted as repatriations since migrants have the nationality of those countries:
«61 percent of Venezuelan migration to Spain has Spanish nationality (…) while a 30 percent of people who leave Venezuela for Colombia have Colombian nationality and 40 percent have both Venezuelan and Colombian nationality,» he explained.

In the opinion of the interviewee, this situation is very common throughout the world. Only that being new in Venezuela gives a feeling of being a very large diaspora, produces a false perception of being massive, something that is not true.