ALBA-TCP presented Post Pandemic 2022 Work Plan

Sacha Llorenti, executive secretary of the regional alliance, submitted to the consideration of the Heads of State and Government the plan that includes several areas, among the most important aspects are the complaint against unilateral coercive measures and the economic, commercial and financial blockade.

He placed great emphasis on the economic area to relaunch the economic, commercial and financial agenda of ALBA-TCP, in the reactivation of the economy, trade and finance tables of the alliance, in the leverage of the ALBA Bank, in the evaluation of the feasibility of Oro Caribe, Petro, Sucre and the relaunch of Alba Fisheries, Alba Aviculture and Petrocaribe.

Llorenti indicated that the plan establishes to strengthen the social agenda, keep the fight for ideas active in the cultural communication area and create the ALBA observatory against interference.