Leal Tellería reiterated to the UN that sanctions threaten the food security of the Venezuelan people

During his participation in the Summit on Food Systems from the UN, the Minister of People’s Power for Alimentation, M / G Carlos Leal Tellería, reiterated on behalf of Venezuela that the systematic and sustained application of unilateral coercive measures in violation of the Charter of the The United Nations affects the food security of Venezuelans.

Leal Tellería affirmed before the forum that Venezuela condemns the imperial coercive measures, and warned that the economic impact derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, armed conflicts and the adverse effects of climate change: «Are the main factors that reverse progress in the fight against hunger“.

«We want to highlight once again our denounce regarding the systematic application of coercive and unilateral measures in violation of the Charter of the United Nations and outside of International Law, affecting the food security of the people of Venezuela.»

In this context, he thanked on behalf of the Venezuelan people «to all the brotherly countries and institutions of the United Nations system that have supported the nation in the midst of this situation.»

Sustainable Development Goals:

In the activity, Minister Leal Tellería pointed out that Venezuela has been working “on the transformation of the food system, based on the changes in the political, economic, social and productive model contemplated in our Magna Carta and, in our Homeland Plan, aligned with the sustainable development goals».

Our effort to achieve food sovereignty, food and nutritional security, has promoted the active participation of all sectors and actors that affect the country’s production. I am referring to women, youth, indigenous peoples, peasants, fishermen, families, urban agriculture, communes, eco-socialist movements and agro-industry among others, applying the modality of permanent dialogues with the people”, he indicated.

He assured that all this effort has been oriented to the defense of food as a fundamental human right and not as merchandise or instruments of war or political destabilization or social destabilization.

At the end of his presentation, Tellería shared the thoughts of the eternal commander Hugo Chávez, who pointed out that “hunger is not a technical or marketing problem, but rather a political problem as a result of the existing social inequality in the world generated by the established capitalist system”.

Therefore, it is necessary to eradicate hunger and transform food systems in the world, favoring the well-being of peoples and life on the planet; it firstly involves changing the prevailing model and moving into a more humane development model, a fairer and more equitable and inclusive one”, he concluded.