ICC acknowledges proactivity of Venezuela in the face of preliminary dialogue

The Attorney General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Tareck William Saab, reported this Tuesday through his official Twitter account @TarekWiliamSaab that the International Criminal Court (ICC) acknowledges “the indisputable proactivity of Venezuela in the provision of a fruitful cooperation with the Prosecutor’s Office in the examination, and reiterates to the latter that it must comply with maintaining a meaningful dialogue with Venezuela”.

In his publication, the senior official also mentioned that the Venezuelan Government maintains its greatest willingness to establish as soon as possible the dialogue ordered by the Chamber with the ICC Prosecutor’s Office and its new head, in order to advance in the execution of cooperation, and thus it has expressly requested it.

As is known, the new ICC prosecutor Karim Khan had several decision options, in what has been called internationally in the legal environment “the Venezuela case”, and among them was to archive the examination and all the actions that he has advanced its predecessor, the possibility of continuing the evaluation until it considers that it has elements to issue a decision, and the third option was for it to conclude the examination and decide to open an investigation that would be carried by the International Criminal Court.