COVID: Venezuela registers 1,673 community cases and 6 imported cases, while recovery rate remains at 92%.

A total of 1,679 cases of Covid-19 were detected in the last 24 hours by the Venezuelan health authorities, 1,673 of community transmission and 6 cases imported from Panama, while the recovery rate stands at 92 percent of the total number of cases, with 225,266 patients recovered thanks to the free treatments guaranteed by the Bolivarian Government.

This was made known by the executive vice-president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, through a series of publications on her Twitter account @delcyrodriguezv, during the usual daily balance offered by the Presidential Commission for the Control and Prevention of Covid-9.

In this regard, she detailed that the cases of community transmission are discriminated (by state) as follows: Mérida (165), Portuguesa (156), La Guaira (139), Nueva Esparta (134), Yaracuy (130), Trujillo (116), Delta Amacuro (112), Barinas (110), Lara (95), Caracas (82), Miranda (81), Falcón (75), Apure (74), Aragua (66), Monagas (47), Carabobo (43), Anzoátegui (28), Zulia (14), among other states.

Likewise, she detailed that Merida state is the entity with the highest number of infections in 11 of its 23 municipalities: Libertador (98), Santos Marquina (22), Campo Elías (19), Sucre (16), Alberto Adriani (3), Rivas Dávila (2), Tovar (1), Antonio Pinto Salinas (1), Tulio Febres Cordero (1), Rangel (1) and Pueblo Llano (1).

Likewise, she informed that up to date there is a total of 245,300 confirmed cases, 225,266 people recovered, which represents 92% of the contagions.

The Vice President highlighted that Venezuela has 17,284 active cases, 11,357 are being treated in Hospitals, 5,391 in Integral Diagnostic Centers and 536 in private clinics.

She added that there are 8,342 asymptomatic patients, 7,623 with mild Acute Respiratory Insufficiency, 2,750 deceased, 1,028 with Moderate Acute Respiratory Insufficiency and 291 in Intensive Care Units.

She also regretted the death of 16 new victims to reach (a death toll of) 2,750:

– 2 women aged 69 and 62 from Apure state.

A woman, 60 years old, and a man, 58 years old, from Aragua state

A woman, 72 years old, and a man 74 years old from Delta Amacuro state

– A man aged 56 from Guárico state

– 2 women, aged 47 and 40, from Sucre state

– A 79-year-old man from Trujillo state

– 2 men aged 69 and 76 years old, from Anzoátegui state

A woman, 70 years old, and a man 78 years old, from Miranda state

– 2 women aged 70 and 74 from Caracas