President Maduro: We must ensure food reaching the people at fair prices

President Nicolás Maduro demanded his team to take measures to guarantee the people to purchase high-quality food at fair prices on the street: “Those products that are produced here, for that economic growth that we are promoting to reach the homes, the market and the workers,” said the president during a work journey held this Wednesday, dedicated to strengthening the country’s productive and agroalimentary chain.

We have to think about and design the mechanisms that allow the people to access food. Whenever an electoral period comes, the economic war escalates ”, he warned.

He insisted on the importance of facing the super battle to continue facing the economic war: “Since the Dakazo (Government’s intervention of the Daka stores network due to speculation) we have been taking measures, the economic war escalates whenever an election period comes. We have to create mechanisms so that the products reach the people directly. That is the challenge”.

They want to break the CLAP

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced on Wednesday a plan to infiltrate people and disrupt the work carried out by the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP), financed by the United States Government (USA).

We recently discovered a plan to buy out the CLAPs with dirty money from the United States Government, in order to do damage. They don’t sanction, they block us, they prevent us from buying food, and then they get in. They have not been able to defeat us, nor will they,” warned the National President during a work journey with the country’s productive economic sector.

After alerting about the plan, the president urged the economic team to devise the necessary mechanisms that allow Venezuelans to access products in national trade at fair prices, through a good distribution and marketing scheme.

He added that it is important to advance these policies since Venezuela, in the face of the upcoming electoral process, faces an intensified economic war against the citizens.

I ask you for more, for an extra, a plus, for you to draw me the map of the merchandise. Let’s go to a superior, extraordinary plan of regularization of all the marketing, distribution and pricing systems. We have to facilitate production.”

Cereal plants:

From Tinaquillo, in Cojedes state, the Minister for Commerce, Eneida Laya, in contact with President Maduro, led the inauguration of two cereal plants of the Molinos del Sur company, one for rice, another for precooked corn flour, which, together with another plant of wheat flour produce 15,000 tons of food per month.

The two cereal processing plants were financed by the National Banking, said the president.

The president approved the resources requested by the governor of Cojedes state, Margau Godoy, for commercial development projects in the entity while requesting to design structural changes for the economic processes that allow to put a stop to the “guarimbero (rioter) prices” that seek to deteriorate the purchasing power.

Bovine Export:

In Puerto Cabello begins the third export of live cattle to the Republic of Iraq. In a contact with the Vice Minister for Agriculture and Lands, José Aguilera, he informed that the export includes 4,000 live animals from the states of Apure, Guárico, Portuguesa, Barinas, Cojedes and Aragua, to Iraq. These total 12,000 exported cattle, which represents 0.07% of the national herd.”, highlighted Aguilera. The Minister for Agriculture, Wilmar Castro, highlighted how this export means an income of foreign currency for the nation and minimizes the smuggling of cattle to Colombia.