President Maduro: The European Union remains stuck to the tail of Donald Trump

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, on Thursday rejected the decision of the European Union (EU) to extend for another year the sanctions and economic attacks on the national government.

The European Union remains stuck to the tail of Donald Trump, and in a cruel and unsuccessful way they continue in their policy of sanctions. They remain behind Trump with the shameful, outrageous and sad role that the European Union plays against the people of Venezuela, ”said the head of state.

He assured that the EU is determined to attack Venezuela, an independent and sovereign country that does not bow to the orders and interests of the North American empire.

But the team wins. Venezuela wins, they have not been able to, and will not be able to beat us with sanctions or threats. Neither Donald Trump nor a thousand Trumps that arise in Europe will be able to defeat us, ”said the Head of State during the inauguration of the International Book Fair of Venezuela (Filven) 2020 in Caracas.

I consider it very difficult for any country in Europe to know its Constitution, I consider it difficult for the people in the United States to carry their Constitution in hand. In Venezuela the people carry these Constitutions in their pockets, ”said the head of state.