JPsuv deployed in substations to ensure fuel distribution

The Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (JPsuv) is deployed throughout the national territory, to guarantee the fair distribution of fuel, after initiating the second phase of gasoline distribution, as indicated Robexa Poleo this Monday .

Poleo said that JPsuv is deployed in the 192 stations that are in the Capital Region, doing the follow up to attend all the problems.

“We are here, the youth of the party, deployed in all the gas stations, doing the due follow up and control (…) From the open and closed stations, to make decisions, to know how many tanks have gone out, what is the amount of fuel that is in the stations, know if the bio-payment is working”, Poleo expressed from the La Paz substation, located in San Martin Avenue, in Caracas.

She asserted that this operation -called “Great Victory”-, evidences the defeat of the US Empire, which maintains an economic, financial and commercial blockade against Venezuela, which makes it difficult to acquire medical supplies, food or fuel, to attend the needs of the people.

“Every drop that is supplied is a defeat to the US Empire, attacks aimed at destabilizing us, the youth will not allow it”, he emphasized.

This Monday, the 1,571 service stations open at 6:00 in the morning to comply with the plan to regularize and normalize gasoline distribution.

The sale will be made by the last number of the car plate. This Monday correspond 1 and 2; Tuesday 3 and 4; Wednesday 5 and 6; Thursday 7 and 8; Friday 9 and 0.

The process will be restarted next Saturday with numbers 1 and 2.