Maduro repudiates sanctions against five leaders of the Venezuelan opposition

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, repudiated on Tuesday the sanctions by the United States against five leaders of the Venezuelan opposition, who registered their candidacies for deputies and will participate in the elections of the National Assembly (AN) of next December 6:

“The group that rules the United States acts as a mafia of threats, extortion, blackmail, aggression, and they use power for that, for sanctions, to freeze accounts and take away the visa from whoever may have it, said the Head of State. .

“I reject those measures of extortion, blackmail and persecution, typical of a mafia and not of a government, of a decent country”, he said.

Similarly, he urged all opponents to continue fighting for their ideas. “If the opposition wins the DEC-6 elections, once again we will cknowledge it and once again I will put myself at the command and service of that AN governed and directed by opponents”, he said.

He emphasized that Venezuela has the right to decide on its own and not through the extortion of those who think they own the world: “There is no world government, there must be respect, and in the UN alone there are 193 countries with governments”, he added.

Nicolas Maduro


We reject the alleged sanctions that the US empire applies on opposition leaders and political leaders in our country. We Venezuelans have the right to choose our destiny in a sovereign manner, without blackmail or foreign aggression”.