FANB will remain in permanent vigilance for the defense of the Peace and sovereignty of the Homeland

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, ordered the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to remain in permanent vigilance to defend the peace and sovereignty of the country, given the pretenses of the Colombian oligarchy to generate acts of provocation in our common border.
In a tweet published this Saturday in his account @NicolasMaduro, he stressed that the Iván Duque’s government bets on this path of conspiracy in order to divert attention from their internal situation.
During the closing ceremony of the First National Railway Meeting, he said: “I have information that the Colombian government, along with the Southern Command, in order to try to divert attention from what is happening in Colombia with the popular rebellion against Duque and his pack, are thinking again about (performing) provocative acts at the border”,
“I have first-order information on that a set of provocations is intended for a conflict, an armed dive in the Colombian-Venezuelan border, in order to divert attention to the popular rebellion of Colombians against Duque. I denounce this, and I tell the FANB, as Commander in Chief, to be prepared to defend the sovereignty and peace of Venezuela», he reiterated.
During the presidential activity, the Head of State also ordered to deliver 13,000 rifles to the Combatant Bodies of the basic companies of Guayana, for the defense of the Homeland and the production in that vital zone of the country. He also instructed to advance in the organization of the working class as part of the Bolivarian National Militia:
“Every factory a barrack. That is why I order to be delivered immediately, by military regulation, the 13,000 rifles selected for the Working Class and the Combatant Bodies of Guayana», instructed the minister for defense, Vladimir Padrino López.