President Maduro: Uribe ordered the Rastrojos to take care of Guaidó's protection

The former president of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe Vélez, instructed the narco-paramilitary group Los Rastrojos to guard the deputy of the National Assembly (AN) in contempt, Juan Guaidó, during his participation in the forced entry of the alleged “humanitarian aid”, which occurred last February on the border with Venezuela:
“I am sure that it was Álvaro Uribe Vélez who gave the order to the Rastrojos so that they would be in charge of the guard and custody, of the extraction of Juan Guaidó to there”, said the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.
He explained that in the transfer operation of the leader of the Voluntad Popular (VP) party, have intervened officials from the city hall of Cúcuta, a jurisdiction conducted by a member of the Uribismo.
From La Rinconada, in Caracas, he indicated that the narco-paramilitary organization decreed a “state of siege” for 24 hours at the border crossing so that Guaidó would enter Colombia.
The Head of State pointed out that the photographs in which the self-proclaimed leader of Los Rastrojos can be seen, are a “first-level scandal” as their direct link with Colombian drug trafficking is revealed.
“It’s a scandal in all sectors because in Colombia they know that Los Rastrojos cut people into pieces, kill people every day and he appears photographed with the most dangerous criminals and murderers”, he added.
He said that they are not the images are not the only evidence of the alliance between the leader of Voluntad Popular (VP) and criminal organizations, while emphasizing that it is not the first scandal in which the self-proclaimed onw is involved.
In this regard, he recalled that Guaidó heads the plot of the burning of trucks with supposed cargo of “humanitarian aid” on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, as well as the uncertain destination of the money raised in the concert “Venezuela Aid Live”.
“Such a tremendous criminal that the United States chose to be the head of the Venezuelan opposition, what a shame”, he said, while pointing out that the right wing has been “scammed” by Juan Guaidó.
The Public Ministry (MP) will initiate a criminal investigation against Guaidó in order to determine the existence of links with the narco-paramilitary band Los Rastrojos.