It is the moment of national unity to face the US aggressions

The minister for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, called on Tuesday to the national unity to face this new aggression by the government of the United States against Venezuela.
In the act of collecting signatures as part of the “No Más Trump, No More Trump” campaign, in rejection of the economic blockade against the country, held in Fort Tiuna, in Caracas, Minister Padrino López said that “In Venezuela there will be no intervention, no coup d’etat, no de facto government and much less a transition one”.
He said he felt “sorrow” for the “stateless ones” who support the decisions of the US president Donald Trump against the constitutional president, Nicolás Maduro.
“We are not going to allow them, in the Homeland where the sons and daughters of Bolivar are, to take away what we have conquered with so much love”, he said.
He stressed that the empire with new US coercive measures against the Venezuelan people seeks to divide and wipe out the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).
In this regard, he said that the FANB stands firm in the face of aggression and invites the population to unity, because this is an issue against all Venezuelans.
“In here we all are suffering, this is a matter of Homeland. It is the moment of national unity, it is the moment of Venezuela, not of parties. Enough of offenses! Enough of infamy! Let us remember the oath we made to defend our country, our democracy, our republican principles”, he said.
In this regard, he assured that there must be justice: “So much damage to the people, to the nation, to its wealth, so much evil, there has to be someone that answers for that. Everything the US empire is doing is unforgivable, we will actively resist”; he emphasized.
The FANB Operational Strategic Commander, Remigio Ceballos, after stamping his signature in repudiation of President Trump’s new order, stressed that “Venezuela is not alone, we are planted against the threats, without fear, that’s what we are trained for”, he emphasized.