OLP deploys 3,000 officers in 136 checkpoints in various sectors of the country

The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro during the balance of the re-activation of Operation People’s Liberation, said that in the second phase of the operation were deployed 3,000 men and women from different bodies in order to ensure the peace of the nation.
During the broadcast of the program “Contacto con Maduro” (Contact with Maduro), he pointed out that this new phase is intended to correct problems, errors or weaknesses that were evident in the first execution of the plan.
“The key is to go the People, the Armed Forces, police forces together, and stay on the ground,” he said on Tuesday night.
The Head of State said that were established “five special bases for permanent operation within the community, we will have hundreds of men and women operating, with their equipment, with their communications, with their weapons, protecting the people. We arrived to stay with the new phase of the OLP”.
He said that so far have been detected “30 hideouts where they had hidden weapons, cars, illegal business, kidnappings, have been captured members of different gangs”, he said.
He also said that it can only be defeated with a united people, using the force of the Constitution to bring peace to the people.
“We must have communities of peace, we must have a people that can enjoy and build in their community in peace, there can be groups of paramilitarized kidnappers who seek to impose in Venezuela systems we know and which they bring from Medellin and North Santander ( Colombia) and are financed with drug money and dollars. ”
The new phase of the OLP will reach the entire National Territory, in three strategic elements: police presence, military presence and the participation of the people in establishing values for life in each space.
Within hours of operation they have been inspected more than 1,300 people, 120 of them undocumented immigrants, 25 sought for murder, robbery, kidnapping, among other crimes.