Cabello: Leave in peace to the one who is still, this people wants peace

This Wednesday, February 6, the president of the National Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, stressed that «We Venezuelan men and women want peace with justice, there are those who go around invoking the spirit of war, speaking up of a civil war; We say: leave in peace to the one who is still, this people wants peace, wants tranquility, wants to be left in absolute peace».
Faced with this, Cabello pointed out to the empire and its lackeys to «stop meddling in the internal affairs of Venezuela, for the European Union should take care of its affairs, that’s so many human beings they let be drown in the Mediterranean because they do not attend them, there are enough violations of Human Rights happening in their countries, and they close their eyes».
Likewise, he emphasized to those who ask for elections, that in Venezuela there have already been (in Revolution) 25 free and transparent elections: «That the right wing did not participate on those, that is their problem».
Therefore, he said that the only elections that are pending in Venezuela are the Legislative ones: «The next election that will be here in Venezuela are those of the National Assembly, have not doubt about that, what is still pending is to define the date, but those are the only elections that remain to be made».