National Government will take severe actions against destabilization attempts

The vice president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, warned that the National Government will take actions and will be very strict in the application of the laws against those who try to destabilize the peace of the country.
From the headquarters of the Vice Presidency in Caracas, Rodriguez denounced that on Monday the country “saw the use of “guarimberos” (rioters) in several places in the city of Caracas”, and denounced that these sectors “intend to return to these dark pages of violence”.
She explained that the National Government will not allow Mike Pence to meddle in the affairs of Bolívar’s homeland, as well as asking the US official to work for his country, for its citizens who have enough problems of housing, health, education.
“No one is going to mandate on us, let alone an unemployed Vice President of the United States will tell us what we should do”, she said.