ANC approved decree in repudiation of statements by Almagro for constituting a threat against Venezuela

In a regular session, the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), approved on Tuesday a constitutional decree in repudiation of the interventionist declarations of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, for constituting a threat against Venezuela, after disseminating an audiovisual material that was reviewed by international media and posted on the Secretary’s own Twitter account, where the diplomat calls for a military intervention to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro.

In the text, read by the secretary of the ANC, Fidel Vásquez, the deputies of the plenipotentiary body rejected Almagro’s statements, which is considered by the members of that body as “a threat against the peace and stability of Venezuela, Latin America. and the Caribbean”.

The members of the ANC agreed as a first point, to demand the immediate resignation of the secretary general of the OAS, “For being unworthy to occupy that position, and contrary to the interests of the people who proclaim the supreme values such as peace and life”, refers the writing.

They also repudiate the statements by Almagro as an agent of the international organization, which “cries out for a military intervention in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, an issue that threatens regional peace and stability and aims to take us back to the dark past of interventionism and the violation of human rights, that plagued the continent for several decades”, says the legal text.

In view of this, they requested (through the document) to create a special commission to prepare and present to the country and the world “a grievance memorandum that substantiates the elements of a systematic process of aggression, for which it has been tried to alter regional peace and the stability of our Republic, through the use of violence added to the economic and financial blockade against the people and democratic institutions”, as this conclusion gathers.

In this sense, they reaffirmed their position to continue along the path of building a political, economic and social model at the bases of the Bolivarian Revolution, whose premise is social equity, and likewise, to maintain national freedom and sovereignty:

“We reiterate our will as a Free Nation-State in the concert of the nations to continue adding efforts to the constructive and peaceful work of consolidating the diverse dialogue and peace always under the unwavering principle of respect for the self-determination and sovereignty of Venezuela”, writes the document.

Finally, as they assure, they will deliver this constitutional decree to the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), António Guterres, in the coming days.