Today ends the registration and update process of the Electoral Registry

This Thursday, August 23, ends the process of registration and data update of the Electoral Registry for the elections to the municipal councils to be held on December 9.

This process began on July 23 in 706 centers throughout the country to register new voters and update data such as changes of residence. Venezuelans can approach the centers starting at nine in the morning, as reported the CNE on its website.

Young people who turn 18 before December 9 have also been able to register and until Thursday they will have the opportunity to do so. Likewise, people with some disabilities can register.

On December 9, municipal elections are scheduled to take place. In this election will be chosen 4,900 councilors, with their respective alternates. Of these, 1,703 will be elected nominally, 685 by lists and 69 by indigenous communities.