The ANC aims to become a great popular assembly

«In its first phase the National Constituent Assembly had a fundamental virtue: to guarantee peace and coexistence (…) now we are going to meet the people to fight according to their interests, to lead the struggles of the people, develop initiatives that do not remain in the air, take it to the concretion. »

The statement was made by economist Jesús Farías, constituent, who affirmed that in this new phase, guided by the principles of participatory democracy, they will advance towards the construction of a consubstantiated institution with their people.

Contrary to participatory democracy, he noted, «bourgeois liberal democracy,» the elite, outside the people, «begin to develop policies and initiatives based on that elite and a ruling class that is the bourgeoisie» and «we want to build – in the spirit of Commander Chávez – the participatory democracy».

Farias said that in the ANC there is the willingness, the need and the conviction to move towards this new stage that demands an institution that is at the forefront of the great changes required by the country, which is experiencing the most complex economic crisis in Venezuelan history.