The elections of next May 20, in which will be elected the President of the Republic and the 251 legislators to the state legislative councils: “are armored from every point of view,” said on Sunday the Chairwoman of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena.

In a press conference, from the city of Caracas, the official recalled that the electoral process is validated by the Santo Domingo Agreement, signed by the National Government in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, as a result of the dialogue with the opposition, and the National Agreement for the Good of the Country signed in Caracas.

To those who question the security of the electoral process, she recalled that Venezuela has “a modern, transparent, reliable, auditable electoral system, monitored and certified by all parties.”

The Rector said that “many democracies and countries would like to have the Venezuelan electoral system,” and thus she assured that the Electoral Power has much to show the world, reiterating the invitation to all international organizations that wish to come “and see this wonder, come , are welcome those who want to come, we have much to tell the world about what it means to do democracy in difficult times”.

Regarding the simulation journey that took place this Sunday at 500 polling stations in the country, she was satisfied by the large number of people who have attended the CNE convocation. “The people of Venezuela like to vote, to decide, to take the reins of the country through suffrage and that’s why the simulacrums are more and more crowded and the reports register a great affluence”.

She clarified that although they do not have a count of participation, the images and reports of the regional offices show that there is a large influx of voters at all the points scheduled for this day.

The simulation, in addition to familiarizing the voter with all the steps of the electoral horseshoe, allows the electoral authorities to time the voting times in the different states, to establish a national average.