Bolivarian Government demands to investigate alleged political assasination of Tomás Lucena

The Minister of People’s Power for Communication and Information, Jorge Rodríguez, demanded on Wednesday that the state security forces investigate the assasination of the Constituent by Trujillo state, Tomás Lucena, who left his wife with 3 orphaned children.

Rodriguez explained that Lucena was going to pick up his children in the school that is in the municipality of Escuque, Trujillo state, when “some assassins, on a motorcycle, gave him four shots in the thorax, which caused his death.”

“We demand that the political assasination be investigated as the probable cause that took the life of this 31-year-old young man (…) Those who hate peace, those who are behind the theft that means the economic war at this moment are being pointed out. It cannot be that when the people of Venezuela opts for peace, opts for life, for democracy, for free elections, then appears the political assasination as the front page in the options of a certain political sector”, he said.

During a press conference issued from Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Rodríguez affirmed that the murder of Lucena repeats the history of violence developed since the arrival of the eternal commander, Hugo Chávez.

“Since 2002 the people decided that it was by a referendum that is decided the future of the country (…) after Leopoldo López called for “the exit”, in the first months of 2014, President Maduro’s tenacity, his call for a dialogue led to the victory of those who call for peace (…) on April 17, 2014, Eliezer Otaiza was murdered, and then on October 1, the youngest deputy, our brother Robert Serra, was also charged. Here the same pattern is repeated”, he denounced.

The head of the Communication and Information portfolio rejected the death that mourns the revolutionary forces, after the victories of the people reached in 2017 with the arrival of the National Constituent Assembly, together with the respective triumphs in the elections of governors and mayors.

“The people voted on July 30 for peace, voted on October 15 to choose their governors with an immense victory of the forces of the Venezuelan revolution and voted on December 10 to choose 93% of the mayors, and it is after the victories of the people, of peace as an immediate result of the ANC, that appears this horrible homicide for which we demand the deepest of the investigations, and for the political assasination to impose as the main possibility of murder. Do not come to invent things”, he added.

He questioned the position of dialogue of the Venezuelan opposition after the fact, while he assured that, would appear a new escalation of violence in the streets by the Voluntad Popular (right wing) party, the Bolivarian Revolution will preserve peace.

“We want to point out in an energetic way to the facilitators of the dialogue, that is enough of violence in the exercise of politics in Venezuela. Is this how they want to generate a climate for dialogue in the Dominican Republic tomorrow? We say to Voluntad Popular, the party of violence, that we do not need to go to the Dominican Republic if they do not want to. Go for the streets; and in the streets we will await you. It is not the first time we beat the violent ones in the streets”, he said.

On the position of the bourgeois assembly in contempt regarding the Venezuelan crypto-currency, the “Petro”, he assured that the Bolivarian Revolution is on the right track for the victories of 2018.

“The Petro is going to mean a fundamental milestone in the liberation of the peoples from dictatorships, they fell from that coconut tree, now we feel that we are on the right path”, he said.