Maduro: Chávez is the main promoter of participatory democracy

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted the work of Commander Hugo Chávez, whom he valued as the main promoter of participatory and protagonist democracy.

In that sense, the National Leader invited to continue defending the path of democracy, the Constitution and the freedom of the people.

«I am called a dictator, what a tremendous dictatorship! A dictatorship that organizes in 18 weeks, 3 electoral processes for the people to elect a National Constituent Assembly by Constitutional mandate; to elect its authorities in all the Governorates of the country, and next December 10 to elect its authorities in the 335 mayorships of the country; and already preparing ourselves because in 2018, come rain, shine or lightning, we will go to the Presidential elections as mandated by our Constitution, and I trust in democracy and freedom as the supreme value of our country», he said.

In a meeting with generals and admirals of the FANB held at the Military Academy in Caracas, and broadcast by VTV, the Head of State stressed that in Venezuela the protagonist of democracy is the People’s power.

«There is a long way to go to build a true democracy like the one we want, so as not to remain on the surface of believing that democracy is only voting. No, democracy is to be aware every day and to participate, is to strengthen social organization, democracy is a fact every day and give power to the people», he said.