Head of State called on the FANB to be prepared against imperial threats

«We have been blatantly threatened by the most criminal empire in the history of mankind. And I say it as Commander-in-Chief of the FANB: we have an obligation to prepare ourselves to guarantee the protection of our beloved people and guarantee the perpetual peace of this beautiful and dignified territory. »

This was stated by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Commander in Chief of the FANB, Nicolás Maduro, during the ceremony for the anniversary of the Strategic Operational Command (CEO_FANB), held at Libertador Air Base in Maracay, Aragua state.

The maximum military representative of the country assured the FANB is the shield and the sword of the sovereignty, the dignity, the integrity and the independence of the Homeland.

He recalled that 12 years ago Commander Chavez created, founded and structured the strategic concept of the new organizational model of the FANB with a popular, anti-imperialist character and a clear vision of a military institution united in its capacity of planning and operations and united to the people of Venezuela, as a people in arms.

«The concept of war of the whole people, as a form of popular, anti-imperialist war, began to develop from the military thinking of Commander Hugo Chavez, retaking the historical experience of indigenous peoples, great rebels such as José Leonardo Chirinos, and the liberating army commanded by Simon Bolivar, from which comes our doctrine, our morality, our vision, «he said.

During his address, the Head of State reiterated that the military vision of Venezuela is Bolivarian, anti-imperialistic, war of the whole people to guarantee the independence, peace, integrity, sovereignty and dignity of Venezuela.

He assured that from Venezuela they will not respond to the aggressions with bluster, regarding the aggressions by the US Government.

«It is not the hour of bluster and provocation, of seeing who screams the most, who threatens the most. Venezuela believes in peace, in international law, in the sovereignty of nations, in the UN Charter. Venezuela has a constitution to defend, a people to protect. Let the bragglers stay with their threats, they will swallow their threats because Venezuela will not be messed by anyone», he said.

He called the people and the FANB to work, to education, to training, to preparation, to guarantee the integrity of the national territory, to deep development.

He ordered to think and act in depth before the imperial threats, «It is the turn now for Venezuela to work, to attend our affairs, to attend our problems. Do not get us off the agenda of peace, of sovereignty, of democracy».

The FANB instructed to deepen each Zone and each Area of Integral Defense for the protection of the territory, to guarantee that each link of the chain of defense in the concept of war of the whole town is refined, activated and prepared.

He warned against attempts to penetrate the military institution to generate fissures that weaken its unity. «Maximum loyalty I demand for the deepest roots of this land, maximum loyalty to the idea of the revolution of Bolivar and Chavez, maximum loyalty to the Constitution and maximum loyalty to the Commander in Chief, a role that I exercise by the will of the majority of the people» He said.