Opposition leadership bets on Venezuela’s collapse

The opposition leadership is betting on the collapse of Venezuela because the country lacks a democratic opposition, said journalist José Vicente Rangel during his Sunday program “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today).

“Venezuela does not have an opposition that acts diligently and effectively … The opposition is atypical in the sense that it lacks principles, and therefore they systematically incur in errors”.

Rangel affirmed that the opposition represents the negation of the true concept of politics, thanks to the serious mistakes they make again and again, that day after day turn against themselves.

The journalist said that the only goal of the opposition leadership has been to overthrow the Government of President Nicolás Maduro through violence.

They have done nothing but to try to overthrow him. Violence has been the sign of the opposition. They do not want to denounce the mistakes, but to overthrow the Government resorting to foreign aid”.

He also said that Venezuela is experiencing another wave of violence today, thanks to the criminal poltics deployed by the right-wing actors that date back to the violence unleashed in the “guarimbas” (riots) of 2014

“With the “guarimbas” of 2014 it was verified that the scruples of them have disappeared. Now Venezuela lives another collection of violence, they have a criminal policy that has caused numerous millions of bolivars in losses for the merchants”.

Rangel said that the democratic path to peace is established with the election to the National Constituent Assembly and regional elections, while ensuring that the right wing rejects both electoral processes because they continue to insist on overthrowing the Government.