Maduro to Opposition: You will not give us lessons on respecting Chavez’s legacy

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed on Tuesday that no political leader of the opposition could give any lessons in respect to the legacy of the Eternal Commander of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez.

After the summoning made by the Head of State for a National Constituent Assembly, opposition leaders have accused him of betraying Chavez’s legacy. In response, President Maduro stated that in the Magna Carta of the Fourth Republic there was no possibility for an originary constituent, this is currently embodied in the Constitution thanks to the 1999 constituent promoted by the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution. Therefore, it is an instruction of his legacy in order to perfect the Magna Carta he left.

“Article 347 did not existed in Venezuela in 99, it is very important to know this so that they do not come to manipulate now, because Julio Borges came out yesterday defending the Chavista legacy; can anyone believe Julio Borges defending the legacy of Hugo Chávez?, (such a) Hypocrite”, he emphasized.

“This exists today because a man called Hugo Chávez Frías lived among us, and we carry his legacy here – within the heart – we are the most loving bearers of the legacy of the giant, there will not come any Julio Borges to give us lessons in Respect for the legacy of Chávez”, stressed the President during a meeting with the Presidential Commission of the National Constituent Assembly, in Miraflores Palace, in Caracas.