Ramírez: Venezuela has the respect and support of the international community

The Ambassador of Venezuela to the Organization of the United Nations (UN), Rafael Ramirez, confirmed that our country has the respect and support of the international community.
«It is false that Venezuela is isolated. We are very active in all the multilateral organizations. The Government of Venezuela has had a very important international deployment (…) The only corner that has the Venezuelan opposition and the policy against our country is at the OAS (Organization of American States), and that is Luis Almagro», he said during the » José Vicente Hoy» (José Vicente Today)program, broadcast this Sunday by Televen.
He stressed that thanks to that the country has built a peace diplomacy, through the management fof the Bolivarian Government, were opened the doors into other countries.
«Our country has been subject to a permanent aggression, fundamentally from the United States and other centers of factic powers, but we have a position of much respect and support in the world» he stressed.
He rejected the statements by the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization, Ban Ki-Moon, who last week said he was «concerned» about the alleged humanitarian crisis that exists in Venezuela.
Ramirez described as «strange» and «odd» these statements, because the UN’s Secretary-General was visiting Argentina, a nation whose neoliberal Government has met on several occasions with sectors of the Venezuelan opposition.
«We do not know where does Ban Ki-moon gets these figures and those assertions from. The United Nations offices in Venezuela, and the FAO, have said that’s not true and that in here there is no crisis of such magnitude», said the Venezuelan diplomat.
He confirmed that Venezuela has an excellent relationship with the UN and its Secretary-General, and therefore he hopes to be able to meet in order to discuss this matter.