"Venezuela is not kneeling nor it depends on any empire"

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, raised a call to all Venezuelans to remain alert against the constant onslaught of nations dominated by the empire and which seek to diminish the Venezuelan political system.
«Today Venezuela is not kneeling, not depending on any empire, it is a free, sovereign and independent Republic and, for the first time, it a nation that is standing with a voice of its own», he added.
Regarding the Mercosur, the Head of State said that Venezuela stands firm, «we are Presidents of Mercosur and we will fully exercise it».
All this due to the request of the Governments of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay not to allow the Bolivarian nation to exercise its right to preside over the Southern Common Market, Mercosur.
«So I say this today, and I call on the people of Latin America to close ranks in defense of the rights of all Venezuelans,» he expressed.
He qualified as disgusting the role of the deputies of the oligarchy to travel to other countries to violate the civil, military and political rights of Venezuela.
«They come to destroy the Mercosur and with the South American peoples we will face them, we will see how this fight ends», he said.