Quadrants of Peace evaluate actions in the field of disarmament and weapons control

State Security officials in conjunction with the Great Quadrants of Peace Mission, evaluated on Wednesday actions on disarmament and weapons control, as well as ammunition.

The Recovered Firearms and Ammunition Information Registry System was presented at the meeting, as reported the Minister of People’s Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, A/J Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, through his account on Twitter.

In there participated representatives from the Ministry for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace; The Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) and the Public Ministry (MP), at the meeting discussed a draft protocol that will govern the supervision, registration and control of firearms.

@FuerzaDinamica Remigio Ceballos Ichaso


We advance strengthening the Great Mission Quadrants of Peace, as a national Citizen Security policy, which is built together with the People, overcoming vulnerabilities, risks and threats, guaranteeing the full enjoyment of the rights of all for Life and Peace.”