Head of State urges the people to register the 1×10 of Good Governance in the Patria System

This Sunday, the Head of State, Nicolás Maduro, invited the People to register their 1×10 of Good Governance, in the Patria System, which he classified as an automatic system, where hours, sources, topics and places are displayed throughout the national territory.

According to a message published on his social networks, the National President expressed that the 1×10 System represents an interconnected government in real time, since “with your denounces we do resolve. Together, everything is possible!”, He highlighted.

He recalled that Venezuelans have 60 days until next July to complete the proper registration.

Recently, President Maduro recalled that communities can, through the Patria System, register their 1×10 (or more people), to report any issue of public and citizen services, and connect with the Bolivarian Government for its solution, especially in three priority areas: water, health and education.

Likewise, he stated that in these three months to register in Patria, and through line 58 of the VenApp, the three priority areas denounced in each community of the Venezuelan territory will be able to be attended.

Nicolas Maduro


I invite the People to register their 1×10 Good Governance in the Patria System => https://bit.ly/39KcjOk. Likewise, they must download the «VenApp» application to generate the corresponding complaints, through Line 58. => https://bit.ly/3NweuDN

Your participation is key!”