Parlasur condemns US interference against Cuba

This Wednesday the progressive bench of the Mercosur Parliament, rejected through a communiqué the interference that the United States systematically exercises against the people of Cuba.

It condemns the blockade and the constant economic siege of the Caribbean island, established for six decades, as highlights the text by the parliamentary group.

They add that all these actions are contrary to the Charter of the United Nations (UN) and to the self-determination of the peoples.

Following, the full text:

Press Release by the Progressive Bench of Parlasur

The Progressive Bench of PARLASUR, through the presentation of a draft declaration, condemns the open and repeated policy of interference by the United States of America in the internal affairs of the Republic of Cuba.

The aggressive economic blockade imposed six decades ago by the United States and other violent actions against that country are contrary to the self-determination of the peoples and the Charter of the United Nations.

We highlight that recently the UN General Assembly, with the vote of 184 countries, among which are ALL the countries of Mercosur and Latin America, with the abstention of Colombia and just 2 votes against by Israel and the United States, condemned the United States and established the need to end the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba”.