Starts audit of voting machines software for regional and municipal elections

This Monday, August 30, the National Electoral Council (CNE) began the audit of the voting machines software, the purpose of which will be to validate and certify the applications that will be used in the Regional and Municipal Elections on November 21.

For twelve days, CNE technicians and technical auditors from Organizations with Political Purposes (OFP), together with international electoral experts, will carry out the review, under rigorous protocols of face-to-face and virtual participation. The electoral experts will participate through a virtual channel enabled for this activity, while the biosafety measures will be complied with in the audit room. As the procedures indicate, the audit of the Voting Machine software may be followed in real time through the streaming channel, which can be accessed from the official website of the CNE.

The technical auditors will analyze both the application code and the voting machine hardware, in addition to verifying that they comply with the transparency and security conditions that guarantee a reliable election and preserve the principle of vote secrecy, as well as the data integrity and application performance.

In this evaluation, it must be certified that there is no relationship between the identification of the voter and the vote; that this vote is recorded as it was cast, without any modification, and that it will be correctly added and transmitted without distortion.

The audit of the voting machines (MV) software, which will conclude on September 10, is the first of 16 audits that are executed to the automated voting system before, during and after the electoral event, in a scheme of reviews that it has been in place for a decade.