President Maduro activates mass vaccination plan for the university sector

During the graduation of the “Army of White Coats for Health” promotion of the University of Health Sciences, President Nicolás Maduro announced the beginning of a new phase of the Mass Vaccination Plan with the aim of immunizing university personnel public and private throughout the country.

In this sense, he reiterated the need to accelerate immunization against COVID-19 with a view to the potential return to face-to-face or semi-face-to-face classes at all levels of the educational system as of October.

This was reported by the head of state when he led this Friday the graduation ceremony of 374 professionals graduated from the “Hugo Chávez Frías” University of Health Sciences, belonging to the Capital District, Miranda and La Guaira states, from the Academy theater of the Army, located in Fort Tiuna, Caracas.

This group of new health professionals are part of the national ranking of 3,276 doctors from the 10th Cohort of Integral Community Physicians, and the 1st Cohort of Integral Community Nurses, among other new health professionals.

It is worth remembering that the Venezuelan Head of State and Government formally created this study house, in 2014, as a Specialized National Experimental University, to form part of the National Public Health System, subject to the guidelines defined by the governing bodies in Health and in University Education, receiving the name of “Hugo Chávez Frías” University of Health Sciences.

Rehabilitation of UCS headquarters:

Among other announcements offered during the activity, President Nicolás Maduro confirmed the approval of resources to begin the work of rehabilitation of teaching and administrative spaces of the “Hugo Chávez Frías” University of Health Sciences (UCS) throughout the national territory.

In this regard, he authorized the disbursement of 138,874 Petros for the conditioning of the 24 state nuclei, as well as teaching and administrative spaces of the UCS:

Approved! We are going to put the magnifying glass on the nuclei in the states”, he stressed when he stamped his signature on the point of account presented by the Ministry of People’s Power for Health.

Likewise, the Dignitary authorized the use of 54,598 Petros to start the second phase of the project to rehabilitate the heritage building of the former headquarters of the Concepción Palacios Maternity, which works as the central facility of the UCS.

Housing for doctors:

Similarly, and at the request of the graduates, he instructed the allocation of housings to health professionals:

Do have a meeting with the Minister of People’s Power for Housing and that the Great Mission Housing Venezuela, make an assignment to provide housing to these integral community doctors and health professionals”, he urged.

In this sense, he explained that the vice president for Social and Territorial Socialism, Eduardo Piñate, will be in charge of coordinating the housing project: “To restore all rights and to advance in the construction of a powerful, free and quality public health system”, he stressed.

Currently, the University of Health Sciences has 37,528 students, including international high school graduates who are part of the agreements with 37 sister countries, young people trained in Integral Community Medicine, Radioimaging, Integral Community Nursing, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy.