Begins journey of registration and data updating of REP

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Pedro Calzadilla, announced that this Tuesday, June 1, begins the process of the Permanent Electoral Registry (REP) for new registrations and updating of data in said institution.

“The electoral schedule is already underway, tomorrow June 1st begins the first great task, the great day of registration and updating, which will last 45 days,” said Calzadilla on Monday in a meeting with the representatives of the political organizations.

At the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the CNE, the rector indicated that on this occasion 2,000 points will be installed throughout the country to carry out the journey of registration and data updating, and explained that “this is a sign is a sign that we send as CNE, like the will and spirit that animates the preparation of these elections, and to maximize the participation of all Venezuelans”.

He added that for the journey they have appointed witnesses from the political parties, to supervise the process, and thus guarantee maximum observation and transparency. “Another signal that we send to the country to strengthen confidence in the institution”, he stressed.

On June 14, a comprehensive audit is expected to be carried out on the system, the machines, and the software, which constitutes an additional audit to those foreseen. “We have agreed to deploy it to submit it to the scrutiny of specialists and academics,” said Calzadilla.