New flexibility measures for November and December are being evaluated

This Wednesday, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that new flexibilization measures for Covid-19 are being evaluated to be implemented in November and December.

This measure seeks to include all economic sectors in the country, complying with biosafety regulations and specific time bands by commercial area.

He explained that after verifying that the curve of coronavirus infections in the country has flattened and the trend is to reduce the cases of infections and deaths, the possible monitored general flexibilization is being evaluated.

For this, the President specified that it is being studied with specialists from the National Scientific Council, the Presidential Commission for Covid-19, together with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), (which are) the mechanisms to do it.

«We are studying a special November-December plan for the national economy and thinking about the family and the authorization at the time of a monitored general relaxation, in which all economic sectors, (which have been) excluded until now, can participate”, he said.

On those sectors, he explained that toy stores, florists, jewelry stores, piñata stores, liquor stores, furniture stores among others will be included.

To comply with this possible measure, regional and municipal governments must coordinate efforts with the productive sectors.

In addition, microcredits will be given to small and medium-sized companies, to encourage the reactivation of trade and national production, in the holiday season.

«We are going to incorporate into the single productive portfolio microcredits for new small and medium industries to insert themselves into immediate economic activity allowing them to offer their services and products at Christmas”, said Maduro.

He added that this government action seeks that companies closed during the pandemic could reactivate their production and services in order to stimulate national trade.

He added that during that time, to date, a new modality of flexibility for the season is being evaluated under the 7 + 7 modality.

In addition, Christmas fairs will be allowed with the prior approval of the municipalities in terms of distancing measures, separation of sale posts and biosecurity with their respective protocols and a maximum limit of people allowed in stores.