Venezuela denounces entry of US war ship into contiguous zone

The chancellor of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, denounced this Thursday to the national and international community the stealth entry into the contiguous zone of the nation of US warship USS Pinckney (DDG-91), as «an act of provocation that seeks to undermine our sovereignty and territorial integrity».

Following, the full text of the communiqué:

«The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela addresses the national and international community in the opportunity to denounce the infamous statements released by the Southern Command of the United States of America, through its official account on social networks, in which it points to Venezuela of exercising ‘excessive control’ over its jurisdictional waters, while the warship USS PINCKNEY (DDG-91) sailed in our Contiguous Zone at a distance of 16.1 nautical miles from the Venezuelan coasts.

The stealthy entry of the US ship into Venezuelan jurisdictional waters is clearly in violation of International Maritime Law and can only be classified as an inexcusable act of provocation, otherwise erratic and childish, that is carried out as a result of the recent visit of Donald Trump to the aforementioned military command in Florida, in its desperate campaign to attract the Latino vote in that state in exchange for the permanent and illegal aggression against Venezuela.

The institutions of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and especially its Bolivarian National Armed Force, will enforce the sacred sovereignty and territorial integrity of Venezuela at all costs in accordance with international law, contemplating all the actions it deems necessary, without falling into absurd provocations. that seek to affect the peace and tranquility of Venezuelans, as well as Latin American and Caribbean peoples».