UN report is part of a plan to invade Venezuela

On Tuesday, internationalist Roy Daza said that the report presented by the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations (UN, Michelle Bachelet, “is part of a justification, a plan to invade Venezuela.”
This statement was made by Daza during the usual “Dando y Dando” (Taking and Giving) Program, led by the Vice President for the Social and Territorial Areas, Aristobulo Istúriz, and the first Vice President of the National Constituent Assembly, Tanía Díaz, who had as special guests the Constitutionalist lawyer Olga Alvaréz and the president of the International Dr. Salvador Allende Foundation, Pablo Sepúlveda Allende; to discuss the severe implications of the document recently delivered by the UN High Commissioner on Venezuela.
Daza reiterated that in that document Bachelet lies about human rights in our country: “This is the current reality of the United Nations, which, of being an organization that is truly worried, interested in a way that would be fair and just with our human rights, the first thing they should have done is to remove Michelle Bachelet from her position”.
For his part, Vice President Istúriz said that for the authorities, the social policies are human rights, and “for the conception of our model, the social scope is strategic”.
“We explained to Bachelet that we eradicated illiteracy and founded on the recognition of UNESCO, we fulfilled the goals of the millennium and she did not take that into account”, said Aristóbulo Iztúriz.
In this sense, the constitutionalist lawyer Olga Alvarez, informed that this report prepared by the UN “does not show the reality of the victims of the riots and the economic blockade”.
She stressed that the majority of the Venezuelan people is committed to dialogue, which was demonstrated by the election of the National Constituent Assembly in 2017.
For Sepúlveda, a social leader and a grandson of the former president of Chile, Salvador Allende, this report issued on July 4 “is very biased, dishonest, cowardly and dangerous. It uses a narrative with a lot of false information or fake news, it is obviously biased because it takes the voice of only a single sector, which is that of the national and international Right wing”.
He questioned the data of the UN report, because the main sources cited are NGOs “supposedly of human rights but acting as political operators of the right wing, which are financed by public and private funds of the United States”.
The Chilean leader rejected the evasion of information regarding the victims of the “guarimbas” (riots) of 2014 and 2017: “More than 100 documented cases were delivered to her, and Michelle Bachelet omitted all the data”, remarked Sepúlveda Allende.