USA restricts freedom of air traffic to and from Venezuelan territory

The constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, blamed the president of the United States (USA), Donald Trump, for restricting the freedom of movement of citizens from and to Venezuelan territory.
«Today again they prohibited that private flights with YV license plates, which is the registration of Venezuelan planes, fly from Venezuela or anywhere in the world to the United States» denounced the National President after the suspension made by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States United (FAA) not to operate aeronautically on the Venezuelan airspace from last April 30, after the attempted coup d’etat, a measure that was reactivated this May 15.
In a letter to the Department of Transportation requesting the measure, the Department of Homeland Security explained that allegedly «conditions in Venezuela threaten the safety of passengers, aircraft, and crews traveling to or from that country».
«What did the Trump government win by suspending commercial flights? Nothing, they harmed themselves, and they hurt citizens who use freedom of movement through commercial flights, they attacked freedom of movement!» said Maduro.
The measure also prohibits US registered aircraft from traveling to Venezuelan territory, a decision they take, according to Maduro «out of hate, revenge and frustration, which hurts common citizens, to the Venezuelan middle class and the business class, to his own people who want to travel to Venezuela».
The dignitary said that actions like these, coupled with an interventionist policy that seeks a change of government in Venezuela by force, have only achieved the opposite, «It has adverse results, they are failing and then they act with disappointment and desire for revenge».