JVR: Subversive policy of the opposition affects all Venezuelans

The subversive strategy implemented by sectors of the right wing to take political power, not only affects its militancy but also the rest of Venezuelans, who are affected by their adventurous maneuvers, warned political analyst José Vicente Rangel.

During his «José Vicente Hoy» (José Vicente Today) program, broadcast by Televen, he considered that given the failure of the seditious actions, the municipal council elections, scheduled for next December 9, are a propitious opportunity to resume the democratic path:

«When will they abandon subversive and adventurous politics? It is a failed policy that every time they use it, it does not affect only them, but also the rest of Venezuelans», he said at the beginning of the broadcast of his Sunday program.

On the other hand, Rangel stressed the need to strengthen institutions in order to generate timely responses to the demands of civil society and political organizations:

«The functioning of democracy and its institutions is also a key factor», he said.