TO DEBATE! Plenaries of the 2nd Venezuelan Congress of Women will start this Wednesday

From October 24 to 27 will be held the 2nd Venezuelan Congress of Women, in which will be debated topics that specifically include women in the task of building the Homeland.

This Monday from the National Directorate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the Vice President of Agitation, Propaganda and Communication of the (PSUV), Tania Díaz, informed that have already been chosen delegates from all the municipalities of the country who will take part in said congress.

Diaz added that the delegates will be gathered in assemblies of the 2nd Venezuelan Congress of Women, where specific topics will be discussed on how they have been affected in the economic warfare issue and thus continue to advance in the direction of a participatory and protagonist democracy:

“This is a profound process that leads Venezuela into the global political debate between the battle of capitalism and labor, that battle between the freedom of peoples and the imposition of hegemony by the empires, in the battle between that defense of the human being as center of the debate of the world development, and the opposite, the oppression and the contempt of the Human rights”.

On the other hand, she pointed out that the militancy and the revolutionary forces should be kept alert about the destabilizing acts of public services: “We want to denounce the sabotage actors that have entered the public services to make the population pass hardships. We must have a warning deployed throughout the country”.

She stressed that the world is experiencing a global censorship, where only the interests of the big capitals have the right to be in the media: “We are creating our own media to publish the truth of Venezuela”.

On the other hand, Díaz added that for this Wednesday will culminate the oathings of the candidates for councilors.