ANC approves agreement in support of “Lula” Da Silva

The National Constituent Assembly approved an agreement in support of former President of Brazil Luis Inácio “Lula” Da Silva, read by constituent Fernando Soto Rojas who denounced on behalf of the organization the persecution against Lula Da Silva, which received a measure of freedom on July 8, but by action of the Brazilian oligarchy together with governments of the region the sentence has not been fulfilled.

In the middle of the session of the National Constituent Assembly it was agreed “to express from this ANC our clear and firm rejection of the disobedience of the authorities to release Brother Luis Inacio “Lula” Da Silva for violating all the elementary principles of law and constituted in proof of the existence of a dictatorship in the Federative Republic of Brazil that executes judicial kidnapping as a way of doing politics”.

It was also agreed to support the Brazilian people for the restoration of democracy by demanding the release of “Lula” Da Silva, in addition to denouncing the US empire for its interference, which has been carrying out a recolonization plan for Latin America with the imposition of dictatorial formulas such as the one that happens in Brazil.

As a fourth point, the ANC reiterated its support for the struggles of the free peoples of Latin America for peace, democracy and social welfare.

Soto Rojas highlighted the democratic spirit of the Brazilian people who continue to fight for the release of Lula, with a view to the presidential elections of that country where he will be a candidate.

“Considering that this action of ignorance and disobedience before the law accounts for the dictatorial nature of the regime that today seeks to curtail the freedom of Lula Da Silva at the time of trying to prevent the return of the left to power in Latin America,” he added.