President Maduro announces extension of electoral registration abroad

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced on Wednesday that he asked the National Electoral Council (CNE) to extend until February 25 the registration period for Venezuelans living abroad, in order to participate. in the presidential elections that will take place on April 22.

In a joint radio and television broadcast from the seat of the Judiciary Power, the National President indicated that this decision is due to a petition made by sectors of the opposition, during the dialogue roundtables held in the Dominican Republic.

He also ordered the opening of the Consulate in Miami (USA), so that all Venezuelans residing in that country can register and participate in the elections.

«Full guarantees, full rights for everyone to register, for all to vote, welcome to democracy,» he said.

He invited all Venezuelan youth to register with the CNE: «so that there is a record of participation in the presidential elections».

He stressed that after April 22, Venezuela will be an example of peace, independence, expansion, growth in economic life and in the integral life of the country, throughout Latin America and the world.