Maduro urged candidates to transform each region into economic power

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, urged the candidates for regional elections on October 15 to commit to their work and transform each region of the country into an economic power.

“We articulate regional projects with the communal councils, with the CLAP, the UBCH, the popular and social forces. To make an eminently popular, joust Government, that chains the oppression and creates the forces for the liberation from poverty, from misery and from need “, said the National President on Wednesday during a meeting with sector vice-presidents, Governors and revolutionary candidates.

He stressed that in each region all public services should be improved to provide better quality of life for Venezuelans.

“The candidates and regional candidates are the only ones trained to really attend and do a work based on people, to improve people’s lives,” he said.