US targets countries that decide to be free and sovereign

Tareck William Saab said that the Venezuelan People will continue to win against the onslaught of US imperialism and, in complicity with the Venezuelan opposition, “The United States attacks against the countries that decide to be free and sovereign”, he stressed.

From the Teresa Carreño Theater and in the framework of the “Todos Somos Venezuela” (We All Are Venezuela) event that groups national and international delegations in defense of the country, Saab said that “Venezuela is a sovereign country that, despite the difficulties and circumstances that we have been facing , has a people that resists and will overcome as it did in the coup d’ etat of April 2002”, he said.

The prosecutor listed the events that occurred in the country since 1999, when Commander Hugo Chavez won the elections, going through the coup d’ etat of 2002.

He analyzed that other of the most recent sanctions was the declaration of the former President Barack Obama of declaring to Venezuela as an “extraordinary and unusual threat” to the security of the North American country.

He affirmed the role of former Attorney General -and now a fugitive of justice-, Luisa Marvelia Ortega Diaz, when on March 31 she declared that in Venezuela there was a break in the constitutional thread, this to give rise to the violent demonstrations generated since March and until July this year.

“Today we can say with propriety that Venezuela defeated those who wanted a civil war for our country … imperialism used all the methods applied in Libya, Iraq and Ukraine, to undermine the model of social transformation, a method that left a hundred dead and injured”, he said.

Saab stressed that if our nation is attacked militarily, the world will turn to defense. Therefore, he urged to consolidate peace diplomacy for the people.

He said that this country is a giant with an unbreakable ethic and moral, thanks to the model of participatory democracy has become a reference for the world, “what happens in Venezuela has repercussions throughout Latin America and the world”