President Maduro incorporated 5 new ministers to his Executive Cabinet

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, made changes this Saturday in his Executive Cabinet.
From Miraflores Palace, he appointed Carmen Melendez as Minister for the Office of the Presidency, and the leader Blanca Eekhout, as the head of the Ministry for Women and Gender Equality.
The President also informed that Erika Farias will assume the Ministry for Communes and Social Movements, Aloha Nuñez will assume the Ministry for Indigenous Peoples; while Ernesto Villegas will serve as the new Minister for Communication and Information.
Maduro stressed that the new team will build great victories, and therefore he urged them to assume this responsibility with a unitary, combative spirit and of maximum self-imposed demand, awakening new revolutionary forces.
“Nobody will be able to defeat us (…) You comply to me, do not accept failures from anyone (…) I have a great confidence in you”, he said during the swearing in of the new Ministers.