Domingo Medina: It is not possible to make the recall referendum this year

“The National Electoral Council is not extending the lapses, but complying with the provisions of the regulations of 2007,” affirmed the political scientist and expert on electoral campaigns Domingo Medina, referring to the process to activate the recall referendum in Venezuela.
During an interview on the private TV station Globovision, Medina explained that the time allotted for this mechanism is not met to celebrate this year the recall referendum, because the opposition did not followed the rules. “Lapses were defined a very long time, Both the Government and the opposition parties knew this”, he said.
In his presentation, the political scientist recalled that the electoral body should ensure the rights of the parties, including those of President Nicolas Maduro. “They tend to ignore the rights of the affected, who in this case is the President of the Republic, the guarantees of the CNE must not only be aimed at the participation and voting of those who pretend to dismiss the Government of duty, but to those who oppose, and also to President Maduro”, he said.
“The phases of the process are designed to ensure the effective enforcement of laws and the exercise of the right of all Venezuelans,” he said.